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AVA Horsemanship

Horsecare Leadership

Standards of Proficiency For Horsemanship Levels 1

HP Level 1 Horse Management Standards/Expectations

Candidates should be able to demonstrate simple skills; (if necessary assistance is allowable), and understand the basic reasons of the everyday care and knowledge routinely used for his or her vaulting horse. Each candidate’s knowledge will vary widely depending on age and experience.

Horse Parts, Breeds and General Knowledge

  • Identify 1 body part the examiner indicates and then identify 4 more of your choice.
  • Name and describe/identify 6 colors and/or markings for horses.
  • Name 5 horse sports other than vaulting and discuss them including purpose and skills needed.

Conformation, Gaits, and Lameness

  • Discuss what conformation is.
  • Identify the 3 basic gaits a horse uses to move forward.

Feet and Shoeing

  • Discuss reasons for daily foot care including picking out feet.

Health Care and Veterinary Knowledge

  • Discuss what a veterinarian is.
  • Give 1 reason the vet might come and treat your vaulting horse.

Conditioning and Nutrition

  • Describe what a horse looks like that is in poor condition, good/fit condition, and obese (fat) condition.
  • Describe what and when your vaulting horse eats.
  • Demonstrate how to give a tidbit to a vaulting horse safely.

Stable Management

  • Describe the following stable vices and discuss what causes them: cribbing, wood chewing, kicking, pawing, and weaving.
  • Discuss good vs. bad examples of stall and pasture safety including fencing.

Turnout and Tack

  • Demonstrate how to correctly brush a horse and pick out feet with assistance.
  • Identify 5 parts of the surcingle and bridle.
  • Discuss 2 reasons for cleaning tack.
  • List 3 examples of unsafe tack/equipment.

Travel Safety and Bandaging

  • Discuss common sense safety rules to use when in a large group of horses, riding in an arena, riding in the open, leading a horse, and for tying a horse.
  • Name 3 different types of horse boots and/or wraps.

Groundwork and Lungeing

  • Demonstrate approaching a vaulting horse safely and haltering it correctly.
  • Demonstrate how to tie a quick release knot correctly and safely.

Vaulting Sport Knowledge

  • Describe safe and appropriate attire for vaulting.
  • Discuss 2 rules of safe vaulting in the vaulting arena with the horse.
  • Demonstrate how to safely enter/exit the vaulting circle.
  • Name the trot compulsories in the correct order.
  • Describe the difference between compulsory and freestyle exercises.